Monday, March 18, 2013


Still working on the shaping of the elements in my research. The search process in this research is a lot bigger (and more complex) than I had anticipated. Though it seems my progress isn't going that well, I experience that the subject of my research becomes more and more clear.

The problem is that I can't just move on to develop the interview questions. When this 'research question part' isn't clear enough, the questions won't be either. So, still working on that part :)

I will line up my research area, to give a better idea of the situation I'm in. I made a PREZI from it, to let you understand. See it here!

Please let me know what you think!

Friday, March 15, 2013


I think that underperformance is a result of underutilization.

Because when students aren't challenged enough (underutilized) they become bored. When study results are sufficient without having to learn how to learn, this will give problems when students have to do actually something for their school career later on. The motivation for learning drops, because learning to learn that isn't activated in the students brain yet, but teachers are expecting students to administer that already.

Students think they're not good enough to internalize the study material, which leads (after the demotivation to do anything for their school career) to underperformance.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Research questions - revised

I put some effort in improving the research questions. The problem is that I have still a long way to go. There is more time needed to get concrete questions that are usable.

the structure of the research is different now. You can see that in the following picture
In here there are several elements (placement policy on the one side, grade retention and switching levels as a consequence of the ''wrong'' way students are placed on the other side, and underachieving: sometimes as a consequence of the previous elements).

The student' school career isn't a part anymore. The elements of students I will look at are: if, and when, students switch levels, or repeat a year (or both). Students aren't looked at on the individual level in this research. The goal is to overtake the (maybe) general background reason for switching levels and grade retention.

Answers of the types students that are grade retentioners or who switch levels, I will hopefully receive from interviews with department leaders, who have insight in the statistics of student' school careers. I'm really interested in what they have to say about the subject!

Something different I like to share is about the foundation I voluntary work for: the City Learning Center Enschede (only Dutch). This foundation has come forth from a like-minded view about problems in the education sector, focused on the use of technical devices. The problem is that different suppliers develop tools for the education sector, that teachers can't use at all (by getting poor information, or just because it isn't what teachers need). We organize seminars about subjects related to technical devices such as social media and the use of tablets in education. I mentioned my research about this topic in the board meeting today. They think this research is very interesting for the CLC Enschede, because it gives insight in what way education can be improved.