Sunday, March 9, 2014


Wow, 6 months have passed since the last blog. That is bad news. The good news, I made it possible to work 36 hours per week since september AND finish my thesis! 20 december I graduated on the subject!

For all who are interested in the results: Look here: (for Dutch here:

Thanks for following me!

Monday, August 12, 2013

'fitted education' or not..

A 'nice' news article that shows how the part of ''fitting education'' (in where every child, also with extra needs and care must be able to participate at secondary education, although there's no extra money facing the schools) has it problems now already. The ''project''  of fitting education (passend onderwijs in Dutch) that will be initiated in the school year 2013-2014, shows it ugly face now already. Students with autism are not allowed to go to the school of their (first) choice. Read it  here, only in Dutch.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Research about the use of social media under primary and secondary school pupils

a (Dutch) publication about the use of social media in the primary and secondary education. This research has looked at 1500 students in the Netherlands. See it here.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Monday, July 22, 2013

Codingcodingcoding writingwritingwriting

It's going fast now! Last week, I've coded my 20 interviews and looked at the program Atlas.ti in which you can process interview results in a more scientific way. The program connects codes which you apply to certain (pieces of) texts, and gives overall view of what you're doing. Easy to use!
Besides that, other results are useful for me.
- what the websites of the schools say about guidance and placement policy on their sites,
- the additional data some people gave me about their school
- the percentages of throughput, ranged on: grade retention, etc.

I need to combine those 3, and then say something about it.
The structure of my thesis, and the layout is ready. Now I have to fill it!

My goal? Hand in a quite good first thesis on August 6...
How to? Lock myself in till that time and having no contact at all.

So maybe there will be no update next week! Well, I will be going on with the same stuff as described above, so I will be repeating myself then.

oh! and my research proposal is also finished. I made the final changes a couple of days ago. The teacher was so kind to let me finish my interviews first!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Going with the flow

I'm glad to tell you that I've got a clear view on the rest of the process, and that I've got the feeling that the end is near (or, better said: is clear).
While planning isn't my strongest point, and certainly is something I need to look into, I have a feeling this will work out. My pace is steady now, and every day is exactly the same (lol), except for the weekend, then my main thoughts are with doing nice stress releasing things. Yep, I've come to the point that I also work in the weekends, but it's kind of necessary I think.

Next week, I'm off to Barcelona, on a trip with my youth orchestra (no update then). Not much time for working there. With now working in the weekends, I hope I can get this time off. :)

I've got 5 weeks from now (actually 6, but one ' useless'') to write my thesis.. Must be possible :) within 7 weeks I've got to request my colloquium, because that takes 3 weeks to organize..

Today: 1 more interview, a talk with my mentor, working on the plans and actions that come forward from that the rest of the week till Saturday.

Monday, June 24, 2013

What data?

I'm looking for quantitative data to compare my interview results with the actual throughput results of the school. I especially was looking for factual numbers, not percentages. For 2 schools I managed those numbers, but from other schools I still only have the figures in percentages per educational institution, not per location.

Though, when I'm able to somehow receive percentages of all visited schools, it would be perfect. because throughput of schools looked over a period of 6 years (so that I would in fact follow just one year of students, during their school period) is not able because of the percentages and anonymity of the numbers, I have to do it with the percentages over a certain period in time.

That clears a lot for me! Next week, I'm meeting with my mentor again - I'm glad to actually justify my actions of the above!