Monday, June 24, 2013

What data?

I'm looking for quantitative data to compare my interview results with the actual throughput results of the school. I especially was looking for factual numbers, not percentages. For 2 schools I managed those numbers, but from other schools I still only have the figures in percentages per educational institution, not per location.

Though, when I'm able to somehow receive percentages of all visited schools, it would be perfect. because throughput of schools looked over a period of 6 years (so that I would in fact follow just one year of students, during their school period) is not able because of the percentages and anonymity of the numbers, I have to do it with the percentages over a certain period in time.

That clears a lot for me! Next week, I'm meeting with my mentor again - I'm glad to actually justify my actions of the above!

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