Monday, November 12, 2012

What to research for my graduation research?

The last part of my study comes into view. The part in where the graduation research finds place. How to choose a subject that is in line with the view and wishes of the education program of public administration (Bestuurskunde) and also is a interesting topic for yourself? Education programs can be quite demanding, actually the public administration program is.

That is actually an interesting view to look at, because what is said to be demanding? What is good education, when do you fulfill the education wish of the University? and, the other way around: when you as a student are good;

- Are you good enough?
- Is the excellent student good enough?
- Are you excellent when you receive good grades?
- Is excellence the same as giftedness?
- Could it just be that you don't fit in this system, but are in other ways excellent? What happens when they keep telling you you're not good enough, but you actually are?

When you're younger, it's difficult to compare yourself with others. Combine the 'middelbare school' (halfway middle school & high school in the Dutch system) kid with a lot of insecurity and puberty and you've got the perfect mix of uncertainty about oneself which happens to all of us. Try then to function the best you can!

That's a problem. When trying to function in a system you don't really fit into, you malfunction. That means in the Dutch system almost always a reduction of the learning level you're on. Is that the right way to look at a person? To measure their 'beings' on the basis of a system which has a really one sided view of people? Not fair at all, but it happens though.

Can this system function better for children who fell out, when the education is specially adapted to different needs of giftedness? Is the education system lacking this nowadays?

It's something I just don't know yet, but will find an answer on in the following six months! Let the research begin!

- Do you have ideas/information about the subject of giftedness, especially about children from 12 till 18 years? Please leave a comment or contact me.

- This week I start with literature: what has already been found in research? Next week more!

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