Monday, May 13, 2013

Interview questions

And I'm moving on! Last week I've handed over the research proposal, so hopefully that will be the last thing  you hear about it :) Last week, I've worked very hard on the interview questions, which are ready by now! I'm sending them to my mentor today so he can take a look at it.

The questions for the interviews exist out of general information, student placement (accept students, differences between students and their possible consequences, the transfer from the primary to the secondary education) and student counseling (assistance in their learning process, student tracking, care guidance and education).

This week I will call the schools and plan interviews with empoyees there! The schools I've chosen are schools in the area, which are located in cities and exist of VMBO (the theoretical learning route) Havo, Atheneum and Gymnasium in one. There have been some problems with those locations: there are not many of them: only 6 schools have all those preconditions. So that's why I will visit 6 schools. I will speak to more than one person in a school though, when it is possible.

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