Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dutch school advice differs weirdly

Interesting. Just came along an article from April 15th about the advice primary school teachers give. It seems that the advice between pupils in primary education (on different schools) can pretty vary. With that, there's no difference in the pupil himself. Read the article here (only in Dutch).

So, when you're going to school X as a kid, it can happen that your secondary education starts way lower than when your parents decided to put you on school Y. Weird huh? The Inspection of the Education is at the moment researching why that is. Trouw (Dutch newspaper) says that in the four largest cities, the pupils most get a higher advice than is usual. 

Nu.nl (Dutch news website) reports that teachers are put under pressure by highly educated parents to give their kids higher advises.. Well. I've heard some things now, and I can say the news is actually based on the reality. I don't say it's a good case though! 

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